CSTools Tutorials

LINK: My presentation at SIGGRAPH 2009 about Easycam1 & 2, Actioncam, and Docucam.

LINK: Grey Scale Gorilla has done a series of tutorials on CSTools.

LINK: Video Tutorial overview of how to utilize the CSTools Nulls.

LINK: Ko at Toolfarm did a starter tutorial for the tools.

LINK: This is the CSTools thread at mograph.net. May help.


grapeseeker said...

Do the CSTools work with C4D 11?

Chris Smith said...

Yes, they work perfectly. However the Object library has been made obsolete in r11 so move them to the Content Browser. Check the help files for details on using the Content Browser.

grapeseeker said...

I downloaded the OLX tools from Biomekk and i would like to know how you get them to work with the CS Tools? Thank you.

racerblur said...

Hi Chris, You have amazing tutorials! Thank you so much! I am writing this message here because I'm trying to get CSTools 3dStroke to function in C4D version 14, but not all the sliders work like Length, offset, taper falloff have no effect, but thickness works? Is there a new version of 3d stroke? I tried using the browse method and then tried using OLX and of course I tried just click on the file to open and all of them do the same thing.

Thanks again for your help! You are awesome!

Locke said...

Hi Chris,

I am so happy to have found the CStools. Really a great package!

I would like to use the 3Dstroke, but it seems to be not working in R15.

Is there a workaround to have it run?

Thanks for all your great tutorials and programming for the crowd. Keep up your good work!

Best regards from Germany,

Anonymous said...


I've heard great things about cst and would love to try them. Download links not working. Can I get them elsewhere?


A Kagan

Sudhanthiran said...

You can download them here!